Product Specification: Quality of Rubber

Quality of rubber

Particle size analysis of typical 420 product Crumb Rubber’s investment in bespoke high technology with PLC controls means we can closely monitor our process and therefore product quality. 

Particle size analysis is carried out regularly during production, the graph shows a typical analysis of 40 mesh (420 micron powder).

Sizes available

Our standard sizes of rubber crumb and powder are:

Particle size Mesh
5000-2000 µm 10 mesh
2000-840 µm 12 mesh
<840 µm 20 mesh
<630 µm 30 mesh
<420 µm           40 mesh
<250 µm 60 mesh

We are capable of producing other particle size distributions please contact us to discuss. 


Our standard packaging options are:

Option Size Packaging Material
Bulk Bag 800 kg - 1 tonne PP
Sack 12.5 kg to 20 kg Clear PE
Pouch 5 Kg to 7 kg Low-melt PE, saves weighing operations