Crumb Rubber is at the forefront of product innovation in the industry

Crumb Rubber is at the forefront of product innovation in the industry

Why work with us?

We have developed considerable experience and IP / patents pending over the past 5 years in developing applications. Crumb Rubber is continually seeking new opportunities to push the boundaries of rubber powder use in both rubber and plastic applications. Crumb Rubber can provide technical experience and where necessary will use Artis or other organisations to progress projects.

The Crumb Rubber plant is equipped to make high quality rubber powder and crumb. Our materials are specifically created as a credible and cost-effective alternative to virgin polymers and rubber.  High polymer costs will continue to make the case for the use of fine rubber recyclate in a wide range of applications. Here are some of the benefits to using the material:

Benefits of rubber powders and crumb manufactured by Crumb Rubber:

  • Reduces the cost of the final product by replacing higher cost polymers
  • Manufactured to achieve:
    • high purity powder and crumb
    • consistent size and quality
    • we have the ability to supply custom particle size products
    • can be supplied in low melt pouches to make handling easy
  • Can be processed on conventional equipment
  • The high carbon black content means good UV stability
  • Provides thermal insulation properties
  • Provides sound deadening characteristics
  • Highly effective when used for surface modification, either to make  rough finish or to use rubber’s non slip characteristics
  • Assists companies to achieve their sustainability objectives
  • May save weight depending on the density of the rubber or polymer it is replacing